Wyndham Vale train station a state-wide winner with commuters!

Homebuyers at Dacland’s Wyndham Vale community will be in walking distance of the best regional rail station in Victoria – as decided by commuters surveyed across the state by the RACV.

More than 17,800 commuters took part in the RACV’s On Track survey which rated train stations and train services across Victoria.

Wyndham Vale’s station scored 8.9 out of 10, making it the best regional station in Victoria. The average rating across the state is 6.95. Train services from Wyndham Vale also rated well at 8.6 compared to a state average of 6.9.

The survey showed 90 per cent of Wyndham Vale station users had no issue with their station whatsoever.

About 76 per cent of Wyndham Vale station users said they catch trains because it’s less stressful than driving, 59 per cent because it’s cheaper and 59 per cent because it’s faster.

It’s not just locals who use the station; 13 per cent of respondents are not from the immediate area and travel to Wyndham Vale for the parking, proximity to the train line they need and access to a faster service. The graph below illustrates the appeal of driving to Wyndham Vale.

Why commuters choose Wyndham Vale station

Comparison between Wyndham Vale train station against Victorian stations

For more information check out the RACV website for the survey results including an interactive map and tool showing station performance.

Wyndham Vale - Train Station Statistics