Wynbrook a hit with savvy home buyers

With 60% of Stage 1 sold on launch day, Wynbrook’s unprecedented popularity is proof that word travels fast among homebuyers with an eye for affordable quality.

Dacland‘s Managing Director, John C Dwyer, says Wynbrook offers what smart buyers are seeking. “Our commitment to quality in every last detail of our design is what places Dacland communities in a class of their own. And the success of our Wynbrook launch is testament to that.” John says homebuyers attracted to the thriving west are sophisticated buyers and want to live in real communities where residents feel a sense of pride, involvement and ownership.

“We research world’s best practice in community design constantly, and pore over every detail of our design to offer residents a place where lives are enriched. As a result, every home in Wynbrook is less than 1 minute from open space or a community amenity; there are lovely quiet streets conducive to family living; and beautiful open spaces draw on features of the natural landscape. “This is clearly appealing to homebuyers seeking quality of lifestyle that’s a cut above the rest.”

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