How To Create Connected Communities

Being able to finally move into your new house plans is such a rewarding experience.

At this point, most people are starting the process of creating thoughtful and growing relationships within their community. The benefits of living in a connected community are endless.

Wynbrook in Wyndham Vale, Victoria, is destined to become a thriving connected community. Wynbrook, only 27 minutes by train to the CBD allows you to enjoy the excitement of Melbourne, as well as the perks of living in a quiet and secluded community. This is the perfect location for anyone to live, especially young families. Wyndham Vale boasts fantastic parks and gardens, bike tracks and several well-established schools providing plenty of opportunity for you to engage with the community. If you’re not sure exactly where to begin, here are our top 7 tips to creating a more connected community and finding your place in Wynbrook.

7 Tips To A More Connected Community

Cultivating a connected community, while a powerful idea, will require some creative thinking. Whether you are planning on moving into a new community; have lived in your community for years; or are exploring options; here are 7 simple but useful tips to build a connected community at Wynbrook that will serve you for years to come.

1. Celebrate special occasions with your neighbours:

Christmas drinks, Easter BBQ, birthday celebrations, or just a beautiful summer’s day- there is always a fun way to bring your neighbours together. Enjoy coffee or lunch at one of your local cafes- if you’re in Wynbrook visiting Cody’s Café, Chatterbox Café or Black Seed Café is a must! Or have a picnic at Wyndham Park which takes advantage of the beautiful Werribee River and has BBQ facilities.

2. Let your dog make the connection for you:

How-To-Create-Connected-CommunitiesLet your dog make the connection for you by letting them play at one of Wyndham Vales dog-off-lead parks. Your dog will instantly find a mate to play with, helping you find a friend who shares the same love for dogs as you. There are 13 dog-off-lead parks within City of Wyndham, with three of them conveniently located right in Wyndham Vale. Presidents Park boasts two off-lead parks, including one enclosed area east of the Obedience pavilion, and the third is just east of the riverbank, between Diversion Weir and Redgum Close.

3. Take your kids to the park:

It can be difficult to meet new people, particularly when you are looking after young children. A great way to beat the loneliness of parenting and meet new people is to visit your local park. Not only does Wynbrook offer an exceptional amount of open space for children to play, but Wyndham Vale boasts some great playgrounds for children and parents alike. Visit Presidents Park, one of the many great playgrounds in this area. Slides, climbing walls, tunnels, monkey bars and 12 swings of various kinds make this a favourite with the children. Heathdale Glen Ordens Wetlands is another hidden treasure of large open space with a boardwalk over the wetlands, picnic rotundas, a playground and a BMX bike track.

4. Check out your local community centre:

There is no better place to get to know your community than to get engaged with your local community centre. Community centres are often the ‘the creation’ of a network of all-purpose and all-embracing neighbourhood. You can take advantage of enrichment programs, adult education, employment opportunities or just to get the local support you might be looking for. At Wynbrook the local community centre is located at 55/57 Kookaburra Ave, Werribee VIC 3030. Or check their website 

5. Hang out on the front porch:

This is without a doubt the easiest idea. Simply hanging out the front of your new house allows your neighbours to approach you and have a chat. You will not believe how much more connected with your community you will be if you are trying to spend time out the front of your house. If you don’t have a front porch to sit on with a coffee or a friend, you could spend time gardening. Keep busy, maintain your front yard and cultivate a great relationship with your neighbours all at the same time.

6. Hire young people for jobs:

Approach your entrepreneurial neighbourhood kids with odd jobs to encourage communication and opportunities to interact with the families living on your street. This could be feeding the dogs while you’re on a weekend away, collecting your mail, or if they are older, babysitting. They will appreciate the extra pocket money and feel comfortable asking you for help in the future as well. Helping your neighbours when they need it is an easy way to give back to your community.

7. Throw a street party:

There is nothing that can bring neighbours together and form a connected community more than a good old street party. Speak to the Wyndham council and request for the street to temporarily shut down during the party. Pull out a few tables, chairs, a few shared plates of your favourite food and a couple of drinks to share – you will be set for a great time to bond with your community. Make sure you invite everyone and take the time to get to know your neighbours.

Cultivating a positive and powerful friendship circle with those who live around you is priceless and can be useful in times of need.

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