Breaking ground at Wynbrook

This week construction began at Wynbrook, one of the fastest selling residential developments in the West.

Wynbrook, located across the road from Wyndham Vale Railway Station, is close to every possible convenience and is being developed as an attractive and safe environment for families.

This week scraping machinery is clearing the land as construction begins. Dacland will construct the first three stages concurrently to create efficiencies in the works program.

Dacland Managing Director – John Dwyer, said every home is less than 300 metres from open space or a community amenity, so every single resident feels a heightened sense of belonging and a real sense of connection.

“Our planning and design is driven by our conviction that every single resident deserves a great lifestyle in a great community,” John said. Location is a key feature too. Wynbrook is the ideal distance from Wyndham Vale Station, which puts the city less than 30 minutes away.

“By ‘ideal distance’ we mean not so close that you’re affected by commuter traffic or noise, but close enough to make it a brief stroll from home,” John said.

A shopping and commercial precinct is also planned for the area, perfectly placed for residents’ convenience without interrupting the secluded atmosphere of community life.